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Wichita Falls, Portland, and Long Island. Places in the USA. I went to those places and did things, because of an isosceles triangle.

May 2017, pt. 3 – The rest of May

Here are some highlights from the remainder of May 2017, mostly from weeks after I decided to quit my job. I’ve provided a summary here at the top, for anyone who doesn’t want to read the excruciating details: * DREAM: … Continue reading

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Long Island, New York

I started prepping for the Long Island trip in July. I knew very little about Long Island, other than it’s where the Hamptons are. I assumed not everyone in Long Island lived in the Hamptons, just like not everyone in … Continue reading

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Of Dog Vomit and Fools – A Brief Diversion into Mature Themeland

(Started on Wednesday, October 15) I refer you to the following previous posts, for purposes of establishing background for this current one: This post explains the phenomenon. This post details, among other things, my humble and contrite determination to not … Continue reading

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Portland, Oregon

Immediately after I returned from Wichita Falls, I started formulating trip plans for Portland and Long Island. The best bet for going to Long Island looked to be one of two weekends in October. Portland was a harder call. I … Continue reading

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Wichita Falls – Reflections

The most striking thing about the Wichita Falls trip was my encounter with the highway patrolman. Hands down. Traffic stops just don’t happen that way. It’s possible that no similar traffic stop has ever happened in the history of highway … Continue reading

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Wichita Falls, Texas – “Well, you see, Ossifer…”

The last post here was on February 1st. Work and personal obligations have exploded since then. * I visited Wichita Falls in early March. Rented a car and drove up there with no particular agenda. I had never before gone … Continue reading

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Wichita Falls, Again.

I had a dream during the night 10/31 – 11/01. This dream involved a friend of mine whom I’d not seen in a few years. We had been friends in church, and he had also been a great mentor to … Continue reading

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“The First Post of 2014”, written in the middle of December 2013

There is Biblical support for the notion that we should manage our resources with an eye to the future; for putting something away for a rainy day; for the notion that it’s possible to be responsible with our resources in … Continue reading

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Strait Jackets, Straight Lines, and James Randi

Over the past ten years, I’ve come to strenuously believe that God is actively involved in the minute-to-minute details of our lives. Beyond expectations already set to that effect by scripture in the Bible, I have lived in moments of … Continue reading

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