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May 2016

Other than whatever I wrote in the Trump/elephants post, there were just a couple of noteworthy events in the month of May. * On Friday May 20 I was planning a fast that I intended for the following week. For … Continue reading

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April 2016 (edited)

(Edited on January 29, 2018; edit point noted in content.) ((Edited again for clarity on September 11, 2019.)) I’ve considered UR Dallas to be my church home since Spring 2015. UR began offering small groups in the fall of that … Continue reading

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Jan-Apr 2016 : Pt. 3 – Joseph, Joseph, Joseph.

After church service on February 21, 2010, we had guests who were making themselves available for prophetic prayer ministry.  My limited experience with such encounters was encouraging enough that I thought that I’d ask one of the pray-ers to pray … Continue reading

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Jan-April 2016: Pt. 1 – December Storm

Long time, no write. Sometime back in January, I decided to spend the bulk of my free time writing songs and working on guitar. Then I decided to shoehorn a sudden trip to Israel into my schedule. And I’d gotten … Continue reading

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December 2015 – Pt. 1

I didn’t do any fasting in November. When I miss a month, I try to fast twice in the month following. I started a three-day fast on November 30th, after dinner that night, with the intent that it would be … Continue reading

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November 2015

November was a relatively quiet month, as far as Holy Spirit bells and whistles go. My “faith walk” for the month centered on the nuts and bolts of being more Christlike. Not with any wild success. But no crushing disappointments, … Continue reading

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October 2015

Presenting some noteworthy goings on in October: * We had a visiting speaker at church on October 4. His name is David Hogan. When our minister introduced him, he made note that Dave had ‘seen’ thirty-three confirmed people raised from … Continue reading

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