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Warm areas in my body, unwarmed by any obvious and natural source of heat.

September 23 was a pivot point.

On May 6, 2018, I modified this title, removing the “pt.1” qualification. I never wrote any subsequent info about September 23. – Here follows what I originally started writing about September 23, before I decided to provide some backstory. * … Continue reading

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September 23 was not a non-event, pt.2 – Backstory becomes story story

Here’s more backstory to help make sense of life after September 23, 2017. * Back in June I stepped on a small pointed rock, while barefoot. The full weight of my step pressed onto the rock, which jabbed sharply into … Continue reading

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September 23 was not a non-event, pt.1 – Some backstory

Here’s how I ended the relevant blog post, in late September: “For the record the face hotspot that began on 9/23 (or the evening of 9/22) is still blazing right along. This is the longest I’ve had a continuous hotspot … Continue reading

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June 2017 – So begins life without a paycheck.

SUMMARY of June, in case you don’t want to read the whole thing: – confirmations that I left my job at the right time. – DREAM instructing me and a woman to join our lives together. – DREAM about high … Continue reading

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May 2017, pt. 3 – The rest of May

Here are some highlights from the remainder of May 2017, mostly from weeks after I decided to quit my job. I’ve provided a summary here at the top, for anyone who doesn’t want to read the excruciating details: * DREAM: … Continue reading

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April 2017, pt. 1 – Repentance, Burning Lips, and Covenant

In early April I repented of self-loathing. I recognized that the bitter grudge I’d held against myself since December was no less a toxic sin than if I’d held the same grudge against anyone else. There’s something that always teeters … Continue reading

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March 2017: Security, Cash, and The Return of Joseph

(I thinned out the content of this post on July 14, 2017.) ((And then I edited the post for improved clarity on September 9, 2019.)) One afternoon in early March, I was walking home from work. I saw White Car … Continue reading

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