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Ric Ocasek

Let them brush your rock and roll hair. Man, this one hurts.  

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One more time, with feeling: “JOSEPH”

Since August of 2018 I’ve been working on blog content that will explain the goings-on during September 2017 through the present. The good news is September 2017 is a static point in time. That end of things is fixed in … Continue reading

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June 12 – not a non-event, not worth describing.

Greetings. June 12 has come and gone with some mild hoopla. Nothing that doesn’t require ten pages of backstory to make sense of it. Life is a constant medium-grade struggle to determine the source of various presentations, most of which … Continue reading

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May-June status report

Greetings, and welcome to not much news. There’s actually a lot going on; but it all feels like school. And I really never did like school. There’s still the perceived process by which (I hope) I’m learning to discern God’s … Continue reading

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April 2018 status report

Greetings. If you haven’t arrived at this blog accidentally, you are possibly checking in for a status report. These days, I’m generally trying to discern God’s voice amidst some apparently deliberate and malicious spiritual confusion. More accurate to say I’m … Continue reading

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Old Testament prophet? Did I say that?

It has come to my shocked-face attention over the past week that some of my dreams/visions/words have been coming from less-than-reputable sources, for some period of time. I’m not saying it’s been “The Exorcist” or anything like that. But it’s … Continue reading

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March 18 has come and gone.

The world still turns. As far as I know, I have not lost any favor in regards to whatever path God has me on. Never mind what the end goal is; right now, I’m simply doing my best to surrender … Continue reading

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