October 27, 2013 (and some edits on November 1, 2013 – rgVI)

A year and a half ago, maybe two, a good friend of mine recommended via a whisper in our church home group that I start a blog. I didn’t do it. My loss. I’ve learned about this friend that when I follow his recommendation or leading, good things follow. When I do not, there is a definite ‘less than’ result. Had I taken his advice and started this blog back then, you The Reader would be primed to enjoy a compelling chronology that documents the transformation of Who I Was into Who I Am.

Honestly, I get bored for you, just reading that last sentence. “AND NOW I’M A PRETTY BUTTERFLY”, et cetera. It’s really pretty cool, though. In 2011, I was a comfortably skeptical Christian who outright dismissed such notions as the efficacy of healing prayer offered in the name of Jesus. “Why waste your breath on something that won’t happen. Pray something sensible, like a petition that God will help the doctors be really wise and, ultimately, successful. And please make the pain bearable in the meantime.” Straight to the point and entirely manageable, much like scratching items off a grocery list. Who can be against wise doctors and pain that is bearable in the meantime? NOBODY, OF COURSE. That’s the point. To pray such a prayer is to be nobody’s fool. Who wants to be a fool? Not me. Awkwardly, however, praying that way is also to avoid acknowledging that we Christians claim a savior who commissioned His followers to do the things that He did. According to the Gospel of Mark, those things should include successfully healing the sick.

To that end, fast forward from the time of my friend’s suggestion until now: 2013 finds me (among other undeniably questionable practices) expectantly waiting to see if a particular dream I had in 2011 is somehow a divine invitation/imperative to offer a healing command over a man who is apparently dying of cancer. I think there’s a great chance that God has told me to pray for the man, and that He will heal him when I do. Not only that; I also believe I’m in a season of waiting on the Lord, after which season He’s going to release in me His power and authority to do even more things that I have historically considered impossible for us mere mortals. No smirk, no lie. I would argue at this point that He’s already started rippling through me, despite my rebellious reticence to looking foolish in the world. Hence my decision to finally get this blog going NOW.

How does someone go from being 2011 Me to 2013 Me? That right there is the beauty of the blog that I didn’t start when my friend suggested it. That nonexistent blog walks you through a colorful, entertaining, and amazing tale of challenges galore, spiritual growth, prophetic awakening, and a snazzy isosceles triangle. You read that blog and say, “HAHAHAHA this story is so great, and because of it, I absolutely am convinced that Jesus of Nazareth was a real man, truly the Son of God, and that He does amazing things through His followers even today. Thanks for writing this blog, random guy VERY INTERESTED!”

I didn’t start that blog, though. And now I’m in a hurry because things are really starting to happen. In order for you to get the most out of this story, I need to get you caught up. To get you caught up, I need to tell you the entire back history. To try to tell you the entire back history in one post would be like trying to play an entire symphony in one note.

(From here I originally typed a couple of paragraphs about historical context and where to actually begin telling the story and how it all eventually gets back to “In the beginning…” Then there was a non sequitur section welcoming cynics and skeptics and exclaiming how glad I am that you’re here. Then some ambivalence regarding whether or not we can actually do the ‘greater things’ Jesus claimed in John 14:12. Followed swiftly by an appropriately deferential qualification that I’m not exactly doubting Him so much as I simply cannot find the edges of that idea in order to start wrapping my mind around it.)

Bottom line: there once was a prompting from God, disguised as my friend’s suggestion. I didn’t obey. Until I did. Time is short. In the interest of said short time, I hereby release my perfectionism to God and ask Him to bless this digital leap of faith that I’m pretty sure He’s been poking me about for a couple of years. Lord, I’m sorry for wasting precious time. Please help me use this space wisely.


The photo in my header is an image from I don’t claim photographic or ownership credit. As of 11/15/13, I’ve identified as the source of the image and am intent on getting any necessary permission from them to use this image in my blog.


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