A note about editing and integrity

September 16, 2019

There’s an implied promise in the blogosphere that the content a visitor reads on any post by any given author is the same content that the author originally published on the posted publication date. But the very nature of blogging is such that wholesale transformation of content – beyond the posted date – is possible, if the author so chooses. That potential is worth remembering, if integrity of content and chronology is important to the reader.

I personally wouldn’t have given this much thought but for the very nature of this blog. It’s a journal about a particular theme in my life. Many peoples’ lives, to be exact. When I started blogging in 2013, I figured I had an interesting story to tell; and that eventually it would be cool to have a public record of how that story developed. I had no concept back then of just where the story was headed or exactly how valuable it would be to have some of this process documented. I’m actually still coming to terms with all that on a daily basis. Suffice it so say, integrity of content and chronology is critical in these pages. I want the reader to trust what he or she reads in this blog.

Specifically and for the record, I now believe all these hundreds of pages reflect the slowest possible crescendo to revelation of a figure unique in the history of humanity. And even though I’m the author and publisher of each blog post, I count myself among those who are watching and waiting to see the final figure whom God will reveal. In the meantime I have occasion to periodically re-read posts, sometimes for the first time in years. Fresh eyes see mistakes that survived to publishing. Which is pretty amazing (to me, who is apparently amazed when I’m not perfect), since I put so much effort into proof-reading articles before hitting the Publish button. If nothing else, it gives me greater appreciation for the people involved in getting a book published with no errors.

Anyway, I routinely correct the errors I find. Extra spaces between words (“My   dog has fleas”) and missing or extra words (“My dog fleas” or “My dog has has fleas”) are the primary offenders. The most invasive correction I tend to make is to rework an awkward sentence (“There are fleas on the dog which is mine”). What I do not change is the overall message of any given post (“My dog has never had fleas”).

Eventually, my personal integrity – and thus, that of this blog – will be called into question; globally, and with the heat of a thousand suns, as cheeky internet hyperbole is want to scream. Or was. For a little while, a couple of years ago. Get offa my lawn. And trust that what you read here is real. The text characters on a particular post might not be identical to those that were there at the point of initial publication. But any changes are cosmetic and not substantial.

There is a certain irony to my efforts at seeking to assure readers that I and this blog are trustworthy. Whenever hesaidiamhe.com actually starts seeing serious and sustained traffic, it will only begin because I have become a very public figure due to whatever God chooses to finally reveal through me. And the nature of Him working through me will make moot any discussion of whether I did or did not change some text on a web page. Why would someone lie about grammar and punctuation if he is party to God’s dramatically ushering in the final age of this world? Theoretically, of course? People either will believe my God-given public message, or they will not. Considerations about blog content will be strictly incidental.

That’s for then, though. Right now, it’s still time for waiting. And for occasional new readers to stroll through. Or old readers to check back in. It is to such persons that I direct this particular message. Until now, I have been leaving notices on a post-by-post basis, alerting readers to changes on pages that I’ve edited. I’ll begin taking those alerts down as I come across them. They’re now just unnecessary clutter, what with my publishing this standalone notice.

And of course, there are the exceptions. A few years back I had a series of spiritual encounters that led me to post some information about public figures. Former or minor celebrities. I eventually reworked the relevant blog posts, due to the nature of what I had written about the individuals. I left confirmation on those posts that they contain edited content. I will leave those notices as they are now.


(titled amended to show “and integrity” on 4/23/20.) <- 😀