December 2016: End-of-year give up. And some football.

There were a few interesting things that happened in December:

  • One full-blown text vision, complete with stylized King Kong animation. Random.
  • A woman’s voice in my waking mind one morning, saying “Mister Joseph Moseley.”
  • A long-time acquaintance telling me that she heard a voice speak to her as she was awakening one morning. The voice told her to pass along some information to me that would seem to indicate that God is pleased with me. Possibly. It might mean nothing. The timing was interesting.
  • I did some things that have become associated with possible removal of God’s favor. I then promptly had a couple of dreams that could be interpreted as my losing some favor with God. Or they might mean nothing at all. The timing was, again, interesting.

None this stuff is much outside the bounds of what I’ve already described in detail throughout the blog. Low energy and interest dictates that I’ll forgo writing about any of it in detail. Unless the next couple of months turn into anything grand.


There’s one thing that I’ve been meaning to put in the blog for a while now. I awoke at 0415 on May 16, 2016 after  having several dreams during the previous hours’ sleep. One of the dreams was something about an NFL football game. On the upper-left hand corner of the TV screen, where the score would be displayed, I saw a large N and a large A; as in, N was playing A. Eli Manning rated a closeup, helmetless interview shot on the TV. He looked displeased. The Houston Texans were there. The game saw a busted play in which an offensive player kicked the ball into the endzone, where a teammate caught the ball. Thus completed an illegal pass that was allowed to stand. Something non-standard. The score was something outrageous like 77-45. END. After waking and documenting my dreams, I promptly forgot about that night’s batch of imagery.

In August I remembered the football dream. The 2016 NFL season was fast approaching. I had nothing better to do with a few minutes than wonder if the dream was relevant to real-life football. I listened to the May 16 voice note one evening. I wondered if the N and A designated the NFC and AFC in the Pro Bowl. Why would the Houston Texans all be at the Pro Bowl? Maybe it was the Super Bowl. I knew the New York Football Giants are in the NFC. I am and was and were less certain about the verb tenses right around here. I had no idea if the Texans are in the AFC. I got online and checked. The Texans are in the AFC. I was interested.

I did a little investigating into online sports betting. It was more complex than my limited funds would justify learning. One could definitely foresee some major coin being made from successfully betting in August that the Giants and Texans would win their respective conferences in 2016. They were both very middle-of-the-road in the preseason predictions.  I resolved to pay some attention to NFL playoffs, whenever the time arose. A couple of weeks ago, I checked the playoff picture. Both the Giants and the Texans were in position to make the playoffs, though neither was anything like a favorite by any stretch.

At this time I don’t know if the situation has changed. I mention this at all just as a possibly entertaining diversion from the usual waiting and wondering. Or at least to offer a no-stakes version of waiting and wondering. If the Giants and Texan go to the Super Bowl in a few weeks, we can all sit around and talk about the good times we had on this blog post.


Good bye, 2016.

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