June-July 2016: I’m Patient is My Middle Name

Most of the events in this post are interesting only in context of what “might” be. That is, they have relevance as possible jigsaw puzzle pieces, joining what is already fit, while making place for more pieces to follow. I used to question whether or not there’s a puzzle being built. I have no doubt anymore. There’s undeniably a puzzle under construction – the events this past year’s Trump time line, for example, are inexplicable outside of divine design. But the puzzle is incomplete, with a lot of empty space. I wish I hadn’t used this puzzle metaphor. Anyway, “the completed puzzle” will likely only be comprehensible from the far side of my last breath in this life. In the meantime there are a few areas where things are coming into clear view. I will use declarative confidence in listing them here:

  • The supernova that prompts all this messy forgiveness will involve me (Joe) becoming a new version of the same person, with some elevated capacities (Joseph). Like the Biblical Joseph – son of Jacob – a higher authority will pull me out of my current situation and give me new opportunities and responsibilities. The name Joseph means, roughly, ‘God will add.’ God will, indeed, add.
  • God is going to bless me in such a way that multiple people will approach me and ask forgiveness for what they did to me and said about me. Few people ever ask forgiveness for anything, I have unscientifically concluded. For multiple people to ask one person’s forgiveness for having all offended that person as a group similarly would be pretty radical. Will be pretty radical. I will forgive them all, as much as I’d like to destroy (some of) them instead. I cannot with any integrity lay claim to Christ’s sacrifice for my own sins, if I am unwilling to extend His same unwarranted mercy to those who ask it of me.
  • This expected gift will be a further installment in a narrative that began in February 2003 (It probably began before I was born, but none of those past elements are visible from this vantage.) For simplicity’s sake I’ll define the narrative as Family. I met Her on February 28, 2003. We separated in February 2009. In February 2010 a man whom I’d never seen before read my prophetic mail and first called me Joseph. He described much of what had transpired in the previous years of my life; he described circumstances of my life in February of 2010; and he gave me a hopeful vision for my future. This past February another complete stranger prophetically called me Joseph. Dunno what it is about February. But February 2003 initiated a years-long trial that, I believe, is soon coming to an end. And then, among other miraculous transformations, Family will get a new life. And I do not use the word ‘miraculous’ loosely. I say the transformation will be miraculous in the sense that there absolutely no way this will happen without divine intervention.
  • I boldly predict – as of this writing on August 10, 2016 – that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for the 2016 election. Being a prophet is easy. I figure Trump is also going to win the general, against all possible conventional odds. I don’t see any value in God telling anyone in advance that Trump was going to be the Repub nominee, without said foreknowledge also pointing to an election victory. Of course, that’s me projecting my own expectations on the situation, rather than watching to see what God does. But all of the Trump/1237 brouhaha I blogged about brings to my mind Gamaliel’s admonition to the Sanhedrin, regarding the upstart apostles: “Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” (Acts 5:38-39; NIV) Now that the primaries are over, it is starkly obvious that globalist interests are coming out of the woodwork in alignment against Trump and his anti-globalist campaign. There’s zero reason to expect DJT to win the election, unless his enemies are fighting against God. I think they are.


This blog is nearly three years old. When I started writing it, my intent was to catalog some things that were interesting and seemed to be headed in an interesting direction. I wanted to have a date-stamped record of these interesting things, so that skeptical people like me might read the blog and think, “Hmm. Interesting. Maybe the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the real deal. And maybe Jesus is, in fact, His only begotten Son.” It’s a personal journal of sorts, which I happen to put on the internet. As journals tend to do, there’s a lot of I I ME ME I. But I encourage anyone reading this post to consider your own relationship with our Creator. Were you to start your own blog about that relationship, what would you call the blog? This is one of the most important questions you could ever ask yourself.

Just kidding.



June 2016

 6/3 This morning I had an interesting dream, just before waking. “Just before waking” is now associated for a few years with dreams that are oftentimes apparently significant in real life. In this particular dream I was with my ex somewhere, in a room that I didn’t recognize. We were alone and talking about something. I began the scene with my usual apprehension at being around her. While we were talking I became aware that she seemed different. Radically different. The longer we talked, the more it was wildly evident that she was a changed person. She was pleasantly at ease, and she genuinely seemed to like me. Both of those qualities are diametrically opposite her true nature as I’ve known it. I even asked her, “What happened to you this morning?” As in, what caused this major change in you? I can’t remember what she said. There were a couple of more scenes with her and a few vignettes that seemed to have nothing to do with her at all. Then a voice said something to the effect of: “When (a particular person, I think) leaves, then it’s over. No wonder the best is all that is left.” I woke up.

My ex is currently engaged to remarry. No wedding date that I know of. The guy in question was on the scene a few years ago and then dropped off the radar. I never saw him, but the kids would talk about him while he was around. Fast forward at least two years, to March of 2015. I had a dream one morning, just before waking, in which I saw my ex with an unknown (to me) man. He had curly gray hair, was somewhat angular, and he was taller than me. Funny thing is I couldn’t really tell from looking that he was taller than me; I just ‘knew’ it by dream intuition. I was annoyed that he was taller than me. She was with this guy, and she was smiling a smile that reflected more peace and joy than I’d ever seen on her in real life. Then she left the man and came to me. I woke up.

I didn’t know what to make of the thing. The dream had been extremely realistic and even had a tactile quality to it. The dream persons of my ex and the guy were shown against a flat, dark background, as if they were performing in front of a two-dimensional green screened backdrop. That exact style is the same one I’d seen in a few other dreams in the previous year. At least one of those dreams was confirmed to have been a true representation of someone’s real life, unbeknownst to me until I spoke with the person about it.

I filed away the March 2015 dream as interesting but not actionable.

Two months later, the kids began talking again about the previously mentioned guy, in terms of Mommy and him being back together. I asked my usual questions about the relationship, with a few extra thrown in, due to the repeat nature of this guy. I asked what he looked like, and my eldest described him to me. She was describing the man from the March dream, I realized a few seconds after she told me. Whoa. It was a few days before I would comfortably admit that it seemed possible God was telling us that the kids’ mother and I would end up back together.

This theme of me waiting on an utterly impossible reconciliation, oftentimes against my wishes and any half-sane understanding of my ex and me, has been running through many dreams at least since 2011. As with most everything else of this nature in my life, it’s one giant exercise in ‘wait and see.’ The March 2015 dream ramped things up quite a bit, which I didn’t know until talking to the kids those two months later. I mention that 2015 dream to provide some background for the dream on 6/3/16. And I mention that particular dream to provide some context for what is possibly going to happen in Family.

The voice said, “When (a particular person, I think) leaves, then it’s over. No wonder the best is all that is left.” As of now I am officially on the lookout for the abrupt departure of someone, perhaps the fiance. I’m waiting with the expectation that said departure will signal that a personal and familial nightmare is finally over; and that there will be nothing but the best of this life left to live.

This same morning I received this scripture reference from Mary in Ecuador, as a means of encouragement:

Psalm 105:17-19 (NLT)

17 Then he sent someone to Egypt ahead of them—

Joseph, who was sold as a slave.

18 They bruised his feet with fetters

and placed his neck in an iron collar.

19 Until the time came to fulfill his word,

the Lord tested Joseph’s character.

I’ve read the Joseph narrative in Genesis many times. I’d begun subtly identifying with Joseph even before Charles Slagle first called me Joseph in 2010. When I got this email from Mary, in the included scripture reference were words about Joseph that I’d never seen before. How was that possible? I’d read the text of the verses in her email, but I hadn’t noticed the scripture citation from Psalms. I had simply assumed the verses were from the Genesis narrative, because I didn’t know Joseph was mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. Psalms is one of two books in the Bible (Song of Songs being the other) in which I’m almost completely unversed. I never could get interested in reading another person’s prayers and songs. So I’m mostly ignorant of the Psalms, outside the superstars that are widely known.

Chastising myself for evidently not reading Genesis carefully enough, however many times I’d read it, I launched in to another read of Joseph’s story. I was determined to find these mystery verses that I’d somehow overlooked forever. I read Joseph’s story again, right on through to the end of Genesis. No mention of God testing Joseph’s character. It made no sense. I checked back to the scripture reference from Mary’s email and found that it was from Psalm 105. Mystery solved.

With all that procedural rigmarole out of the way, I could be quietly impressed with this late revelation about God’s active hand in Joseph’s trials. This was a new and critical element to the whole thing. The fortified perspective began working its way into my perception of all things Joseph, God, and Me.

6/9 There was a 2001 Passat, and it was brand new and it was good. Someone did purchase the new and good Passat from Boardwalk Volkswagen in Richardson. Then they  sold the Passat to a woman who would become my wife. The woman became my wife, and we did drive the Passat much, taking great care to maintain the Passat within the standards defined by the maker of it. Then the woman was no longer my wife, and I alone drove the Passat. Then, due to the miracles of modern divorce, I could not take great care to maintain the car. And the Passat did become as an increasingly expensive stench on the road.

And I said to the Lord, “Lord, this car is falling apart. Do you have any advice?” Yet secretly I was hoping the Lord would make a new and perfect car fall from the heavens and land near to me. The Lord did not do so. But I did have a dream soon thereafter, in which I saw the much troubled Passat, and there were words written on the rear window: “I do not recommend driving it very far.” I awoke in wonder of the dream. Was the dream of the Lord? If the dream was indeed of the Lord, I did not know if the Lord meant by ‘very far’ that I should not drive as to Chicago in one trip; or I should not drive it for many days and months and years, in general. I was not sure what the Lord was saying. But I did believe that Lord did not plan to make a new and perfect car fall from the heavens and land near to me. Thus I did gnash my teeth.

Year after year I did drive the Passat. And the Passat did have many troubles. And the regulators of two windows did fail, and I did make fast the windows with clear tape, so the windows would not fall into the respective doors. And all manner of warning lights and sounds did come from the Passat when I would turn the key. And the alert panel would say to me “Emission Control Center” and I would curse and wonder what is Emission Control Center. And the oil and the coolant did fall together from the undercarriage. And I did spend oftentimes the same amount of money as is in one pay check. And for example I would go to a man and say, “Here, I have this Passat with many troubles.” And he would say, “I will fix the Passat, and it will not have these troubles.” And he would take the Passat from me for two and even three days. And then he would say to me, “There are no more troubles with the Passat.” And I would give him as much money as is in one pay check. And I would drive the Passat away. But still there would be troubles. And this would happen more than one time. And the Passat was old, and it was not good. I did fear to turn the key, for all the lights and sounds that came to me from the Passat.

Then there was a great shouting at church regarding people who would believe the Lord was leading them to give, for no money in return, a car to someone who had need of a car. And that person, feeling so led, would go to a person and say, “Here, I believe Lord has told me to give you this car, and for no money in return.” And the person would receive the car with gladness and tell all of his friends. This thing did happen more than one time. And I was hopeful and said to the Lord, “Lord, I also would like to get in on some of that free car action.” And the Lord said, “No.” And I gnashed my teeth and wondered what of my few remaining financial assets I would sell in order to purchase a car.

I said to the Lord, “Lord, you have taken care of me thus far, and I believe you have told me that you will continue to do so. However, just so there is no confusion on the matter, if you do not make a new or even used and not perfect car fall from the heavens and land near to me, and do not make this thing happen by the end of June, I will know that I should sell off assets and purchase a car.” I did make this one last allowance of more time for the Lord to make a car fall down to me in early June. Then the next morning I went to the Passat to drive it and found that all of the oil that was supposed to be in the Passat was instead on the ground. And I found that as much oil as I put in the Passat, that much oil would then be on the ground. And I did gnash my teeth, and I thought, “The Lord is telling me I do not have until the end of June.” And I knew then there would be no car falling from the heavens to me.

So I did sell appreciating assets to purchase a depreciating asset, and I knew this was not good. Then I also borrowed money to pay for a depreciating asset. And I knew this also was not good. But again I told the Lord, “Lord, you have taken care of me, and I believe you have told me that you will continue to do so. I trust you.” And I had not trusted the Lord so much with regard to money ever before. And I did purchase a 2014 Camry that had no failed window regulators and no flashing warning lights and did not make oil and coolant to fall from the undercarriage. And the next morning after trusting the Lord and making this purchase, I showed the car to my mother. And as I showed the car to my mother I saw that someone had taken a key and made long scratches on the doors of the Camry, on the side where the driver sits. And my anger did burn against the person who had done this thing. I gnashed my teeth and also did not trust the Lord any longer. And went from my mother’s house and felt as one who has been kicked in the stomach.

I yelled to the Lord, “I drove A TOTAL POS for years, against my natural inclination to maintain a car well, because I hadn’t the money to maintain it! I did my best! I trusted you! And You can’t even let me have this car for twenty-four hours without someone keying it! YOU ARE NOT A GOOD FATHER!” Now, by this time I was at my office where I was alone, and I did behave as one who was a small child, whereupon I did remove my hat from my head and smite the ground with the hat four and even five times, such that the sturdy clasp was no longer on the hat, but rather it was on the floor in two pieces. And I knew then that I was like the fool from Proverbs, giving vent to his anger. And my hat did sit too low on my head and cause my ears to look big.

Now, the following morning I was at church, and the speaker did reflect upon God as our Father, because the day was Father’s Day. I was ashamed of my behavior and did not know what to say to the Lord. Then the speaker said to us, “Sometimes we lose our perspective and begin to think that God isn’t a good Father…” I felt a relief then, and I told the Lord that I had much regret for my behavior and for not trusting Him. I believed the Lord was not angry with me. And a man who prophesies much came to me and said that I am a good father, and that Lord has great blessing in store for me, for such a time as this and the time that is coming, and that I cannot stop this good thing from coming upon me but must only wait and it will come. And I thought to myself how marvelous is it that we have a God who loves us when we do not behave as small children and also when we do.

6/16 Donald Trump was in Dallas for a rally, one year to the day after declaring his candidacy. On the day that he declared, I was oblivious to said declaration. I was preoccupied at the time with words that kept appearing behind my closed eyes. I was wondering why I kept seeing the number 1237. Many months after June 16, 2015, I realized in Dallas that the visions and number sightings were a clear and gradual revelation that DJT would be the Republican nominee, if not the next US president.

Update, 8/12/16: I realize now that the text visions and 1237 stuff began happening almost exactly coincident or just after I gave up the balance of masturbation, junk food, and a couple of major reading habits. I have to think there was a link between my begrudging obedience and the trail of divine breadcrumbs. I’m back to reading Internet commentary, though less than I used to. I still eat junk food on weekends, though less than I used to. I’m the master of my domain as I’ve never been before. But none of it is 100% gone from my life like it was for about a month in 2015. Makes me wonder what might happen if I never ate sugar again for the rest of life; or if I never spent more than a casual glance at the headlines on any given day. I don’t see myself ever being that disciplined, for better or worse.

6/20 Ever since Mary in Ecuador pointed me toward the scripture about God testing Joseph’s character as a means of preparation, I’ve become more fascinated with the parallels between ancient and modern Josephs. I did an internet search on June 20 that led me to this short article:


The article presents the presumed understanding that Joseph’s life was such a beating because God was preparing him for a position that required rigorous testing beforehand. I had no idea there was any such universal knowledge that God’s testing of Joseph was integral to his becoming the leader that he did. I hate when I don’t know everything. I had always accepted at face value that Joseph’s life was, for a time, undeniably rough and that God had eventually and abruptly plucked him from that trying existence. The Lord then lavished Joseph with crazy blessings, fulfilling the dream prophecies of Joseph’s youth and making him a pivotal figure in Hebrew history. But without knowledge of the Psalm 105 reference, I didn’t identify Joseph’s hardships as God testing his character; so I couldn’t make the proper connection between the hardships and him becoming That Guy. Thus concludes an oppressively redundant paragraph.

In the linked article the author mentions, in conclusion, that Joseph’s crucible lasted fourteen years. I met my ex in February 2003. “Testing” has been status quo even since the first night of our acquaintance. Counting from February 2003, I’m now in the fourteenth year of what might be considered a relentless test of my character. Charles Slagle told me in February 2010 that I, similarly to Joseph, was effectively in prison; and that I, like Joseph, one day would just suddenly be out of prison. Good things would then be afoot. “Over the next seven years” was the time frame he gave me. If his word was and is to be trusted, anything between now and February 2017 will be right on time. Yesterday would be perfect.

This clarification about God and His testing of Joseph changed the way I think about God, Joseph, and my own life. It seems, in Joseph’s case, that God set about to making a leader out of someone who wasn’t told in advance that he was being groomed for said leadership. There’s nothing in scripture indicating Joseph knew what was coming or even desired anything like it. He was just stuck in the grind for years, probably wondering if those dreams in his youth really meant anything. If ‘all this’ is in some way about me being groomed for some sort of Big Thing, it is certainly without me ever consciously desiring any such position. It is as if God picks someone and begins prepping them, without being too concerned with whether the person would be interested in the final result. I don’t imagine anyone would agree to take the final position, if they knew what it was going to cost. I have to assume that God takes into account whether or not the groomed one responds, even in ignorance of the grand plan, with submission and obedience before carrying through to the end.

This is all speculation, still; and it will remain speculation until the end of February 2017 . If by that time there’s not some distinct Josephic resolution to this riddle, I will…I guess I’ll just keep on living and see what happens next.


July 2016

7/7 Our church offered prophetic equipping classes every Thursday evening in July. These were the same type of classes they had offered in the fall of 2012. It was while I was attending those former classes that there was distinct activation (for lack of a better word) of Holy Spirit in my life. Dreams, visions, an isosceles triangle, 1237…it all started up when began attending those classes. Without looking back to verify, I believe I also described in my first blog post how I received some miraculous healing of my arm while at class one evening.

I wanted to attend this new round of classes, if only to get my kids some first-hand experience with the training and potential, without them having to rely on their father’s latest story about some dream he’d had. We attended the first class on July 7. We got to see some humbling practical demonstrations from people who have learned how to discern God’s voice from among the many that are available to us at any given moment. It’s always a perfect time to see God submarine a person’s defenses or vault their low expectations in order to let the person know that He is involved in the details of his or her life.

After the class we left the church and headed back home. Immediately upon hitting the streets, we saw police cars on every road and highway that we traveled or crossed. The cruisers were all going hell for leather toward downtown Dallas. As we drove past downtown on Woodall Rogers, we saw at least one helicopter illuminating something in the mass of skyscrapers off to our right. I turned on the radio and found live news coverage, confused in the early stages, of what turned out to be Micah Johnson’s attack on Dallas police. For better or worse I couldn’t shake the immediate and calm conviction that “This is why I am here.” That is, as the world and the USA and this city become more insane, I believe that there’s a definite reason I was born here.

Wait and see.

7/10 I started my July fast on Saturday. For reasons that escape me now, I masturbated early that morning. It was the first time I had done so since March of 2015. (If you are new to this blog: I don’t always masturbate. But when I do, I make sure to tell the Internet about it.)  It was as ungratifying as I’d remembered it to be. More importantly, I was thinking back to the good old days of March 30, 2015, when I invited months of spiritual oppression by doing the same thing. Would that suffocating misery happen again? Would I spend frantic weeks trying to shake a vile and invisible monkey off my back? Whatever would I tell Internet? I confessed my disobedience to God and asked Him to protect me. I slept again and eventually awoke in relative peace.

I walked to the grocery store to get some fresh produce for my planned Tuesday break-fast. While at the store and on the way home, I saw two people in obvious physical distress. I prayed for both of them, laying on hands and commanding healing in the name of Jesus. There were no lightning bolts of sudden health. But both people were grateful for the prayers, and I became that much more comfortable approaching strangers to pray for them. It is ultimately impossible for us to love people with anything approaching Christ’s immediacy, if we do not move beyond our fears of rejection, failure, and scorn. And as I am bound in varying degrees by those very fears, I need to take advantage of every opportunity for growth that I can.

7/13 While waking this morning, I had a text vision. It was a different format than I’d seen before. Which I should just stop saying, because every single one of them has been unique. This one had the perspective of me looking up at angle, as if I were standing near and below a billboard. I couldn’t read anything on the text field.

7/14 At our Thursday night class. After about 45mins of lecture, the leadership instructed us to pair up with someone we didn’t know. As I turned to scan the room for a potential partner, a young woman tapped me on the shoulder. She said, “I just wanted to tell you something: when I look at you, I hear the word ‘patient.’ I think God is saying you’ve been patiently waiting for something. I didn’t dig into it any more than that. Does that mean anything to you?” I laughed and said, “Yeah, that pretty much defines my life for years – waiting.” Wow. Patient. I thanked her for approaching me, and we paired with other people for the exercise.

The guy I partnered with is the father of some kids that my own kids know from Sunday class. We parents had never met before. Our exercise involved praying silently for one minute and then telling our partner three things we believed God might be saying about them. After our minute of silence, I gave the man my list of three things. Only one of the three meant anything to him. He gave me his list. The first thing he said was, “There’s some confusion, but do the dates January 17 or January 21 mean anything to you?” I thought through birthdays and any other personal calendar notables. “No, not off hand.” He moved on through his next two items, one of which was extremely applicable to my life. We finished the exercise, and I went back to my seat.

The following weekend I was reading election news and commentary. Over the course of one evening I saw evidence of some confusion: at least one person thought the president-elect would be sworn in on January 17; at least one other person believed the ceremony would be on January 20. I thought back to what the man had said to me the previous Thursday: “There’s some confusion, but do the dates January 17 or January 21 mean anything to you?” A few days after I replied in the negative, I was seeing evidence of confusion regarding January 17 and 21. January 17 would not be the date of the presidential swearing-in ceremony; and January 21 would be first day of the 45th president’s first term in office.


7/19 Tuesday evening, I attended a small gathering of people from my church. The occasion was in honor of a Christian missionary who lives in northern Iraq. He lives at the razor’s edge of faith. Whatever that means. The guy is hard core. After the presentation and on my way out the door, I thanked the organizer for the invitation. There was a guy standing there with him whom I’d never met. I introduced myself. “I’m Joe.” “Hey, I’m Joseph! Great name!” I can’t remember the last time I met or knew anyone named Joseph.

While I was at this gathering, the RNCC delegates in Cleveland cast their votes and nominated Donald Trump for the presidential candidacy. He crushed the famously necessary 1237 delegate votes, eventually finishing with 1725.

 7/20 When I returned home from work on Wednesday, there was a FedEx envelope leaning against my door. I assumed it was my new license plates. As I lifted the package from the ground, I tried to bend the envelope. No bend. New plates. As soon I knew it was new plates, I wondered if the plate number would say anything significant. Then I wondered why I would even wonder about that. “Let’s not get crazy here.” It’s not like I’m some Charismatic flake, looking for signs and wonders in FedEx Ground. OR AM I? I put the FedEx package on my dining table and busied myself for the rest of the evening my usual routine.

7/21 Thursday morning, just before leaving for work, I peeled down the cardboard strip that opened the Fed Ex envelope. I pulled the plates out. The first three characters I saw were letters in no sequence that meant anything to me. Then followed four numbers. The first two numbers represented the 20th Century year in which I was physically born. The next two numbers were the 21st Century year in which I humbled myself before Christ for the first time and then had my personal Road to Damascus flashbulb transformation. I have for thirteen years casually considered that moment to be the one in which I was truly born again (link) from above, despite having been water baptized some twenty years prior. (FYI, as of this writing on August 10, 2016: that transformation happened thirteen years ago exactly, give or take a few days. I was so blown away by being a new human being in 2003 that I actually forgot to record the date. I just know it was around the second week of August.)

I stared at the license plates, checking and rechecking dates in my head. Whether or not I’m a Charismatic flake remains to be seen. But the license plate was and is definitely significant.

Later that same evening, I attended the third of our July prophetic equipping classes at church. As we attendees trickled into the auditorium, the leadership instructed us to find someone we did not already know; tell that person something God loves about them; and then move on to someone else. In exercises like that, I typically feel like I’m bringing nothing to the table except a keen ability to read people’s body language and other personal presentation. Which is not the same thing as prophetic skill at all. My own current lack of such ability stands in stark contrast to that of many people whom I’ve casually encountered in and around churches where that kind of thing is encouraged.

This particular Thursday evening was a great example. One woman with whom I traded encouragement had a very unassuming, almost invisible air about her. She was not outwardly seeking attention or acclaim in any way. I’ve now forgotten most of what she told me. I do recall that it was all remarkably relevant and not telling me things about myself that were immediately discernible by simple observation. One encouragement she offered and that has stuck with me was, paraphrased: You tell people about your experiences, and it is changing them. You cannot see the fruits of you efforts now; but your stories are changing people.

I immediately thought of this blog, wherein I tell stories to people who, with two regular exceptions, I mostly do not know at all or with whom I have minimal personal contact. There are a couple of other notable people with whom I share my stories without providing blog reference. I suppose they might be transformed in some way by what they hear. The point is, the woman’s comment was quite relevant and not something she could know just by looking at my physical person. And it’s also not something that would work as some sort of ‘go to’ pseudo-prophetic line for her, owing to the fairly specific nature of the thing. And this blog is, indeed, a massive personal undertaking at story-telling, with little way for me to currently know the fruits of it all. Anyway, it was a rewarding encounter.

While I was at church that evening, Donald Trump accepted the nomination to be the Republican candidate in this year’s presidential election. His acceptance apparently closed the door on a major chapter from the last year of my life. I’m only just now (Aug 9) coming to terms with what has happened, regarding 1237 and the visions and Trump. It is on par with “Wichita Falls, Portland, Long Island” for scale and mystery, only without me having to travel thousands of miles to see it through. And 1237 had/has global implications, whereas WFPLI was some sort of personal Easter Egg hunt. I think.

7/28 At our final Thursday night equipping class, leadership closed out the evening by having everyone on the leadership team pray for all of us in the class, more or less. We attendees all stood in a ring around the chairs, with our backs to the chairs. The leadership moved around the outside of our ring, prophesying and praying as they moved. One of the leaders, a guy named Joe whom I’ve known for a few years, was praying for people in pairs. He paired me with the young woman standing next to me. He was the last of four people to pray for me, and I was a little overwhelmed in trying to process everything they’d said. But one thing he prayed absolutely rung like a bell. “Thank you, God, that you have made them patient…” He continued praying about our patience for a bit. Again with the ‘patient’ thing. In the years that I’ve received this type of prayer, I’ve never had anyone say anything about being patient, until July 2016.

These two weeks later I remember that sometime prior to July I’d specifically been asking God for some feedback. “How am I doing with this process? If I’m like Joseph, awaiting some sort of sudden ‘something’, am I doing a good job of living life in the meantime?” Now I wonder if God has been telling me “I’ve seen your patience,” or something equally encouraging.


The interesting things are beginning to pile up.



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