This God/Trump Thing. And elephants.

In a recent post I raised the possibility that God is telling me things about the 2016 presidential campaign and about Donald Trump specifically. Assuming for the sake of argument that He is, I’ve spent the last month or so deliberately praying for God’s protection over Trump, his family, and his campaign. In the event that God would prompt anyone to attend to or pray for a specific candidate, I figure it would only be that God desired that candidate should win. Or even that He had ordained that the candidate WILL win, however that might shake out. In the meantime I hadn’t seen any declarative opinion that DJT is on a mission from God.

Yesterday, I came across this article on Canada Free Press, which informs readers of Lance Wallnau’s opinion that Trump is, indeed, ordained of God to win the general election. I’ve heard of Lance Wallnau before. I’d never heard or read any of his commentary, prior to yesterday. I’ve now read and watched all the linked content. You might be able to make the case that God has not determined that The Donald should be the 45th president of the United States; but you wouldn’t be able to use Lance Wallnau’s presentation, in conjunction my own Trump-related visions, to bolster said case.

I emailed the CFP link to Mary in Ecuador, with a note saying, basically, hey, this God/Trump thing is starting to look legit. She replied with this link. If the related information is to be believed, the person in question heard from God as early as 2011 that Trump was going to win the presidency. There’s a lot more to that story in the audio presentation. But the bottom line is, this God/Trump thing is starting to look legit.


An entertaining and cryptic tangent to this budding Trump-as-Cyrus theme is a series of dreams I’ve had that featured elephants. The first dream was striking and memorable, amidst the usual flood of dream imagery that I have to sift through. The second dream was as compelling, in addition to being a reminder that, hey, there was that other weird elephant dream. Somewhere in February or March of this year, I began making vague association between the elephant dreams and the election season. Then the third elephant dream showed up. Since three times means conspiracy, elephants had officially become a player. Players, whatever. And once I determined there might be a divine imperative regarding Donald Trump in my visions, the elephant dreams became an in-demand topic for this blog post. The nature of the dreams, in context of the Trump visions and the iconic Republican mascot, made it an easy thing.


May 29, 2104 – I am in an indoor environment with artificial lighting. There is a river of real water, bordered by what might be toy riverbanks. There is a toy tree, and just downstream of the toy tree, hiding in ambush, is a toy elephant. The tree is large enough that the elephant is concealed. There’s some kind of game going on. The elephant is staring with an assassin’s gaze – steady and merciless – at something in the water. I am aware that I didn’t know elephants had this steely capacity. The thing in the water doesn’t see the elephant poised to attack. The water is dark and muddy. I wonder if I can manipulate the toys such that the elephant is able to ambush the creature in the water.

The thing in the water is a bear. The bear exits the water and engages me violently. I do not know if I have become the elephant or not. I give the bear a big swat, and he’s enraged. I don’t know if he swipes me back. The dream ends.

August 25, 2015 – I am listening to a lecture of some kind. A man’s voice is explaining how elephants have the ability to climb the sheerest of rock formations. “Elephants are able to grab on to the terrain and pull themselves up, like a person would.” I’m watching a profile view of an actual elephant climbing an impossible rock wall or cliff face. The elephant is inexplicably walking himself up the thing, somehow gripping the most subtle outcroppings for support and leverage. I think, “This is absurd; elephants have those broad flat feet. There’s no way they can climb cliffs.” But the elephant is climbing quite easily. I think I also climb the wall. The dream ends.

April 10, 2016 – We are studying elephants. A male voice asks, “Why didn’t they kill the elephants.” A male lecturer voice answers, “They didn’t kill them because the elephants had a special power. They could tell when people were hurting; they had a way of sensing when anyone was in pain.” There had been a threat against the elephants. I can see said elephants standing in clear light and not doing much of anything. Whoever had threatened to kill the elephants decided against it, due to the beneficial capability that the elephants brought. The dream ends.


One dream in each of the last three years. The first two dreams, in particular, strike me as quite relevant to the process, taken in context of their timing and content. The third one isn’t as clearly related to the Trump phenomenon, other than there are elephants who are going to be doing something supernatural. All in all, I give the dreams an 8.5 for intrigue.


Here’s a vertical timeline, to put some things in perspective:

May 29, 2014: elephant dream #1

May 10, 2015: text visions appear on the scene

May 20, 2015 (give or take): I start noticing 12:37

June 5, 2015: 1237 blows up into an undeniable thing

June 16, 2015: Donald Trump declares candidacy. I didn’t know his declaration date until today. I was largely unaware of his campaign details until early Fall 2015.

August 25, 2015: elephant dream #2

January 9, 2016: wild ‘newspaper’ vision that specifically mentions ‘Trump shoot(something unintelligible)

January 23, 2016: Trump makes inflammatory comment about his voters’ loyalty, saying he wouldn’t lose support even if he were to shoot someone on 5th Ave.

March 11, 2016: manic human prophet/angelic visitor in Ben Gurion Airport counsels me that Trump needs better advisors, given his tendency to talk himself into controversy

March 15, 2016: Marco Rubio suspends his candidacy

March 16, 2016 (give or take): I find out that the Republican candidate needs 1237 delegates to lock up the nomination.

March 18, 2015, I bail out of a text vision that appears to be saying something about “Three (word) (word)”. If this is referencing the Republican field, it would accurately enumerate the final candidates: Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. But it wasn’t a predictive thing, as the field had been narrowed to those three men for a few days already.

April 10, 2016: elephant dream #3

May 3, 2016: Donald Trump declared to be the presumptive Republican nominee

May 16, 2016: I have a text vision while dozing in the morning. I see words to the effect of ‘tax evasion’ and ‘million dollars’. It’s the first vision in which I can read so many words. The whole presentation was more clear than any vision before. If the vision was referencing Trump’s income tax returns, it wasn’t predictive: foes had been calling for him to release his returns for a couple of days.


I’m officially very interested in the Donald Trump campaign with regard to possible divine imperative. I will officially be shocked if he doesn’t win the general election. Rock the vote, y’all.



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