April 2016 (edited)

(Edited on January 29, 2018; edit point noted in content.)

((Edited again for clarity on September 11, 2019.))

I’ve considered UR Dallas to be my church home since Spring 2015. UR began offering small groups in the fall of that year. I went to my first small group meeting on April 9, 2016. It was refreshing to hear other people share in detail about their lives. Once you get past the surface pleasantries, everyone has struggles of one kind or another. When we get involved in the ups and downs of the lives of others, we necessarily are less focused on our own navels. Never a bad thing.

Anyway, back to my navel. At the end of the small group evening, when we were saying our goodbyes, a young man whom I’d only met at that dinner shared something with me. He told me that he ‘saw’ me in a vision of sorts. In this vision, he saw me kicking my way through six walls, “karate-style”. He mentioned something about unusual strength, I believe. He said the people on the outside of the last wall were completely unprepared for what was coming, as I burst through. I thanked him for sharing and began the usual filtering process. Was this from God? If so, what does it mean?

This particular vision seemed to fit well with the trend of the past few years. Which in and of itself didn’t mean anything. The same young man who had this vision about me also had shared an extremely detailed and elaborate vision with a woman after dinner that same evening. I didn’t know anything about the guy, other than what I’d learned in the previous three hours. He appeared to be nothing if not intense and sincere. I’ve known people who want so much to be prophetic that they share all kinds of wild stuff that never bears fruit because they aren’t actually hearing from God. Was he one of those? Maybe ‘I see you kicking down walls’ is his go-to prophetic move. He was scheduled to be on the AV team at church two days later; so decided to talk to him after the service.


On Sunday morning, just before waking, I had a long dream that had several different vignettes. One small part of the dream included a reference to a guy I’ve never dreamed about before. He’s involved in the music and prayer ministries at church. A woman in the dream was talking about him in context of him getting to perform somewhere. There was an implied emotional impact regarding the guy getting to do what he did. There was a peculiar sense of detail to the dream. There were a couple of subsequent vignettes in the same dream, and then I awoke.

Due to ongoing digestive/elimination problems, I ended up leaving for church when the two-hour service was already more than halfway over. I arrived at the building with about thirty minutes remaining. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the man about whom I’d dreamed earlier that morning. He was outside with his son. There was no one else outside the church, other than one person who had opened the main door and was entering the building. I remembered the dream and had a vague notion that I should tell the man about it. I parked and walked around the side of the building. The man and his son were coming around the corner from the front of the building as I started to turn that way. We greeted each other, and I told him that he’d showed up in a dream that morning. He asked me to share it, so I did. He said that the circumstances of the dream were extremely relevant to a situation in his life from the previous evening. Ultimately, he was encouraged by the dream. That’s a praiseworthy thing right there.

After the service I spoke with the young man whom I’d met at group two nights prior. I asked him to clarify a couple of details from the vision, and I told him of my reservation about trusting in things like that. Especially when they seem to be so perfectly suited for my circumstances. Did he have visions like that for people very often? No, not really; he told me, and not as often as he’d like. Has he ever told someone that he’s ‘seen’ them kicking down walls? No, he’s never seen anything like that before.

I decided to file the prophetic vision away among all the others, then take a ‘wait and see’ approach. I did wonder about a possible connection between the six walls and the dream I’d had on December 31, 2015. In that dream I told our pastor that I was really tired of being at the retreat center or wherever we were; and I asked him if there was any time frame for when we’d be leaving. He told me that I had until October 15. Out here in the real world October is six months from April. Maybe the walls represent six months; and at the end of six months, something will happen that people aren’t prepared for, in a good way. I choose to be encouraged by the vision.

Wait and see.


Nigel Olsson is a musician and songwriter who is perhaps best known for spending much of his career drumming for Elton John. On the morning of April 19 I dreamed that I was in a studio where Nigel was practicing drums. I ‘knew’ that it was Nigel Olsson, even though there was nothing apparent in the scene to indicate that it was he. I was at floor level, looking up at a man’s back while he was drumming. I could see his head, torso, and arms. He turned and faced me and began talking about (January 29, 2018 – I’ve removed this content on grounds that it might reveal something about Nigel that God doesn’t want revealed on a blog). Then he said, “I’ve been married for thirty…twenty…thirty years.” He had trouble remembering how long he’d been married.  I thought in the dream, whatever this allegedly beneficial thing is that you are doing, your memory isn’t a good endorsement of it.

I began waking up, and I wondered how long Nigel Olsson had been married, if he even was married. I checked his info at Wikipedia. He’s been married for twenty-seven years. Twenty-seven seemed like the perfect number for someone to have been married, if they couldn’t remember if it was twenty or thirty. I also checked out some current photos of Nigel online. They show a man who looks a lot like the guy in my dream. I wouldn’t have otherwise recognized the person in the photos; I’ve seen pictures of Nigel before, but I’d never have been able to pick him out of a lineup.

Nigel is officially added to the list of people for whom I regularly pray, due to them showing up in particular dreams.


Someone near and dear to my heart has Type 1 diabetes. It has been a regular practice for us over some years that, most every time we’re together, I command healing of her pancreas in the name of Jesus. In February 2013 and into March that same year, every time I prayed for her to be healed, her pancreas would respond and begin producing more insulin. She would subsequently struggle to keep her blood sugar acceptably high. After the fourth or fifth visit during which the phenomenon occurred, there was no denying the connection between the prayers and the physical response. During March 2013 her pancreas stopped responding to the prayers, and we were left to wonder what the point of all of it was. I’m pretty sure I figured out the point of it, a couple of years later. That’s part of a whole ‘nuther story.

Three weeks ago, Wonderful Person’s pancreas began responding to prayers again. The first time it happened, we couldn’t help but notice the low blood sugar. Blood sugar in the 40’s will get your attention. A week later WP had to take in extra sugar three times at one mealtime; it took that much sugar to get her blood glucose (BG) up to a level sufficient to get an insulin shot for the pending meal. Same thing happened the next night. In our experience, that is unheard of. Five nights later, after her nighttime insulin routine, she felt like she had low BG. She checked her BG and found that it had dropped since the bedtime shot and accompanying carbohydrate intake. The carbs should have raised her BG; the long-acting insulin would have had no immediate effect, to the extent that her BG had dropped.

We’ll see if the trend continues, as of April 22.

update on May 2: the apparent vacation is apparently over. BG levels are trending uniformly high.


On April 16, Ecuador was rocked by a series of earthquakes. Mary has some first-hand narrative regarding same. She’s also presenting an opportunity to provide financial relief for one Ecuadoran family in particular.




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