Jan-Apr 2016: Pt.2 – 1237 Trumps Something

On March 18, I woke up at 0630. A text vision materialized inside my closed eyes. I somehow resolved early on in the three-second event that I wouldn’t bother trying read anything, since there’s rarely anything legible. Major give-up. As is usually the case, the vision was presented in a brand new style: static words, all dark, with a light area growing from one spot, as if a light source from behind the words was approaching in my direction. The end result was that a few words were coming into clear focus as I was looking ‘away’ in the same scene. I tried to look back at the highlighted words, once I saw there might be an actual payoff in that particular vision. Too late. The vision faded before I could read anything. As best as I could tell, no more than two or three words were illuminated, with the first word possibly being ‘three’.

I was aggravated that I’d bailed on the vision before it even got going well. There finally appeared to have been some legible words available for consumption, had I not been lazy and cynical. And I was interested in the fact that in these visions, point of focus really is a zero-sum thing. If you look, for example, at the bottom-left hand corner of a hypothetically square vision, then you cannot see the other three corners, save with some vague peripheral ability. Pretty much like regular sight. And the things disappear so quickly that there’s no time for a second attempt at seeing whatever is there.

Text visions snuck onto the scene back in early May of 2015; and 1237 appeared just a few weeks later. 1237 pretty much faded from my hyper-awareness by Fall 2015. The text visions have been somewhat more constant, with occasional grand presentation. Mostly, though, they seem amount to nothing other than a question mark to start the day. Five days after the three-word vision mentioned up above, I made a connection between 1237 and at least one of the visions.


I am a pretty dedicated (that is, compulsive) ((though much less so now than in the past)) consumer of Internet-based news. I’m especially interested in socio-political discussion. Clearly, there’s no end to such discussion in the current election cycle. Just before the March 18 vision above, I came across a news discussion that referenced the Republican electoral process. Turns out, the Republican candidate that gets 1237 delegates will become the nominee. Something like that. It was a little jarring to see the number used in casual public discussion between strangers, after it being such a private specter in my life for so many months.

A day or so later, I remembered that the last vision in which I could actually read anything referenced the name Trump. It was the wild newsprint-based vision from January 9 of this year. The tiny print in that vision said something about “Trump shoot(illegible)”, just a few weeks before the ‘shooting on 5th Ave’ brouhaha. Immediately on the tail of that recollection was the 2+2=4 moment: the discussion about delegates I’d just read was about Donald Trump being the (then, at least) candidate most likely to reach 1237 delegates. 1237 has clearly been a big mystery to me for the better part of a year. And the January 9 text vision has the distinction of being the only one so far that both elicited a definite visceral reaction and left me with a real-world point of reference (Trump). I decided that maybe the visions and 1237 are, in part, deliberately revealing something about the campaign season. Why not? That theory is no less credible than the notion that these visions are appearing at all. We are clearly rocketing down the rabbit hole at this point, having left materialistic skepticism back topside, earnestly busying himself with something like a measuring tape and spreadsheets.

With this potential 1237-Trump connection, I could suddenly and theoretically see some vague lines connecting a few dots, amid all the mystery and randomness. I was doubly frustrated, then, thinking about the recent vision that I bailed on. In sullen ignorance I’d wasted the first opportunity in three months to perhaps connect a few more dots. I resolved to be ready, willing, and able to hang with any vision that might happen along. I told God several times I wouldn’t take for granted anything that showed up. “You need someone to be wildly attentive to random text presentations at all hours of the night? I’m your man, Lord.”


A mere five days later, on March 30, I awoke into another text vision. Brand new look, of course. Easier to see letters and words. It looked like word salad. I don’t recall being able to read any of the words. But it just seemed like they were actual words, written in English, but arranged so as to not communicate anything in particular. The first visible view slid clearly off to the left, like a screen transition in slideshow software. Another view either materialized on the spot or slid in from the right. That screen then slid off to the left, as well. I can’t remember if there was a third screen. Each view was visible for no more than two seconds. But I was totally dialed in to those words that I couldn’t read. No slacking this time.


On March 31, I went to sleep a little before 10pm and woke up sometime in the night. I knew that it felt early for a late-night wake up. I went to use the restroom, got back in bed, and reached for my phone to check the time. It was 12:37. I was genuinely surprised but not scared. The only other time I’d awakened into a 12:37 timestamp, last summer, I ran away. So there’s been some distinct change there. This time I just stared at the phone for a bit and told God I wasn’t going anywhere. I noticed the date next to the time. 4/1/16. I spent a few minutes wondering if this was God’s way of telling me it had been a joke all along. On a whim I checked the comments page of my go-to news discussion website. There was a Republican delegate story in the posts, and that story had 1237 in the title.

I put my phone down and prayed. I closed my eyes and tried to see if there was any vision forming. Nothing. I felt really ‘urged’ to read the Bible but didn’t want to. I was two days off finishing my first five-day fast, and I’d eaten a burger and fries for lunch the previous day. Profoundly bad idea. I was feeling sick and sleepy. But I generally try to follow through on anything that has the remotest possibility of being a prompt from God. I turned on my lamp, read two chapters of Luke, and switched the lamp off again. In the darkness I saw pre-vision background words. That is, I was seeing shadowy words against the background of my closed eyelids. A real vision materialized quickly. I couldn’t read anything in it, but I was fully engaged. The vision faded. Within a minute or so, a second vision materialized. I couldn’t read anything in that one either. I fell asleep shortly after it faded. That episode marks the first time there have been two visions in the same manifestation ‘event’.



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