December 2015 – Pt. 2 (edited)


(January 29, 2018 – I’ve been convicted for a few weeks that the original content at the beginning of this post was not something I should keep available for internet reading. This morning while I was in bed and waking up, I asked God if I should take down the original opening, which was a perceived “word from God” about a Cindy Williams, who may or may not have been the actress from Lavern and Shirley. The response from (I think) God was immediate and loud: “YES. TAKE IT DOWN.” So, I’m editing this post now. I might need to modify other parts of this same post farther down.)

((The following blog content is all original, unless otherwise noted.))

I heard this statement in my sleep, unaccompanied by any dream, on the morning of December 29. Immediately after hearing these words at 0445, I woke up. I didn’t record the words on my phone for later clarity, so I’m not sure that the original message didn’t specify Christmas presents. Which would obviously be fitting at this time of year.

As I was waking and processing what I’d heard, there was not any doubt that the voice was referring to actress Cindy Williams, of Laverne & Shirley fame. Once I was fully awake, I questioned that connection. It’s true enough that I don’t even know of any other Cindy Williams(es?) in the world. But I haven’t thought of actress Cindy in decades. More or less. I lay in bed trying to remember what I know of Cindy Williams, outside of L&S. Nothing. I assumed she had to be in other Hollywood productions in her life; but I didn’t know of any. I certainly had less than zero knowledge of her childhood.

It was another one of those things, showing up in the wee hours. I debated whether I should care. I’m pretty much sick of whatever it is that is or is not going on in my life, as is partially referenced over the past couple of years in the contents of this blog. And here was another curiosity dragging me out of sleep to a face another series of question marks. REAL OR NOT REAL? FROM GOD? FROM SATAN? MIND GAMES FROM MYSELF?

So tiresome.

But I forced myself to consider the thing an opportunity. And I was raw with awareness of little girls who miss their father. I got out of bed and fired up the Internet. For about forty-five minutes I browsed biographical info about actress Cindy Williams, including book reviews about her memoir Shirley, I Jest!: A Storied Life. Some pertinent information that I found regarding her father was his name (Beachard); occupation (electronics technician); and addiction (alcoholism). No mention of any physical abandonment of the family.

I went back to bed and considered the possibilities. The bottom line was, either the message was a prompt from God to pray for a person named Cindy Williams, or it was not. I had no way of knowing whether it was or was not. Given what I’d found out about actress Cindy, there looked to be a decent chance that she was the Cindy in question. Alcoholism produces nothing if not missing persons who might be so missing while seated right in front of you. I resolved to pray for actress Cindy. I figured the worst case scenario was that the message I heard in my sleep was nothing but sleep static that had no bearing on real life; and if I ended up praying for actress Cindy Williams in response to that static, then no harm, no foul.


If I ever find out that there’s real-world relevance for ‘messages’ I hear regarding high(ish)-profile people, and

If anyone ever actually reads this blog (total December viewers: 3) on anything like a regular basis,

Then I will stop using real names when referencing these events in my blog. To do otherwise will possibly be tantamount to spreading secrets from God about those folks. Until such time as that, I’ll keep recording the events here. If nothing else, these reports show how I’m making decisions about certain things these days. That’s a large part of why I’m even blogging in the first place.


A follow-up to the text vision I referenced in the previous blog post:

I interpreted the contents of that vision to possibly mean I was ‘getting’ some new thing, presumably from God. In these weeks since that vision in early December, absolutely nothing about my life has changed, in ways that would indicate to me that I got anything new. ‘Wait and see’ is the name of this particular game. I’ve waited and seen nothing. Which prompts me to document a detail about the vision that I didn’t record before.

Part of the vision was an image I saw of a straight, horizontal, black line across a white back ground. Then I saw an arrow or something pointing down into the middle of the line, indicating downward pressure at that point from above. I’m not looking back at the previous blog post for reference, so the details are fuzzy. Around the time I saw that image, I felt a pressure pushing down and into my prostrate sleeping body. And I was aware that I was ‘getting something new’, whatever that meant. What I wondered about later, but didn’t blog the first time, was the fact that the horizontal line bent under pressure and didn’t break. The arrow stayed on top of the line and didn’t penetrate.

If the whole presentation was about me getting something new, and

If the downward pressing arrow represented some effort to get the new thing into me, and

If the bending-not-breaking line represented me not receiving the thing, for whatever reason,

Then I apparently didn’t receive the thing. Which makes sense, given that none of the diseases or maladies I’ve addressed in the name of Jesus this month have been corrected, AFAIK. Which presumes that miraculous healing power is the only thing I could have received. Blah blah blah. Speculation. Carry on, wait and see, etc.


Speaking of ‘wait and see,’ we’ve come to the last minutes of 2015. Over the recent months, I’d almost completely forgotten the 2014-2015-Jesus Christ thing I heard back in Spring 2014. Provided nothing dramatic happens before the new year in Hawaii, then the US will have not collapsed in 2015. Unless collapse means something different than what I’d expect. Or unless ‘2015’ was symbolic for ‘2015 or not 2015’. Dunno. I’m pleased that there hasn’t been a collapse as I’d imagine it to look. Even if it means the US will continue on the current downward trajectory. Although I generally like to yank off the bandage, rather than gradually rolling it off of skin and hair. But I’m not calling the shots. And I’m possibly not even hearing the shots.


The Cindy Williams word from December 29 didn’t set any expectation about the future. It didn’t precipitate questions about what might come. It did aggravate me just by being there. Ultimately, it motivated me to do cursory research about a Cindy Williams, enough to learn that she was someone who could probably use prayers for healing from a troubled family life in childhood. So I have been praying for her. If that prompt was from Satan, I don’t see that he gained anything by it. Presumably, the bad guys don’t want any one of us praying to God at all, for any reason.


And just today, December 31, 2015, I had dream which could be interpreted as letting me know that I have until October 15 before something important happens. I plan to be alive on October 15, 2016. I won’t spend much time thinking about this one.

Wait and see.


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