Wait. See Some More.

Just wanted to put out an update on this text vision thing. It’s still happening.

Monday morning, June 1, I woke up at about 0500. Got up and read for about an hour. Back to bed, checked for any sign of the text in my brain eyes. None. Alarm went off at 0700. Checked for text. Nothing at first. Then after a few seconds, that day’s version of the presentation showed up. Couldn’t focus on any of the words. Weird thing was that I could only see the words with my eyes open, when looking at a bright background.

Tuesday morning, June 2, I didn’t expect anything to happen. This phenomenon has been on Mondays only, except for the first incident, which was on Sunday afternoon, May 10. I also didn’t expect my phone to ring at precisely 0400. One ring, from a number I didn’t recognize. Thanks for the surprise wake-up call, Total Stranger.

I had planned to do my daily reading on Tuesday evening. I was intentionally delaying it until after work, so I could get in some very few laps at the apartment pool in the morning. There are relatively no screaming children in the pool at 0730. Anyway, I was suddenly awake at 0400 and couldn’t shake the idea that I was ‘supposed to’ get up and read. I could just imagine God saying something like, “See, you thought you were going to have to delay your reading until much later. I have now made it convenient for you to be up and reading at 4am. You’ll even still have time to swim before work.”

4am convenience.

I got up and read for an hour and half. 1 Peter and some of Matthew. Back to bed at 0530, asleep quickly. Alarm went off at 0700. Based on the fact that I had felt directed to read earlier in the morning, and that this whole thing seems to be precipitated by reading the Bible, I casually checked for text vision (TV). And there it was. On a Tuesday, no less. Still illegible or out of focus or otherwise something that I couldn’t read. But it was there on a new and additional day of the week.

Today, I did an early spontaneous wake-up, read, and went back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I expected I’d be able to see TV, and I did. Third day in a row. Still couldn’t actually read it.


Random assessment of the facts:

There’s a pattern of escalation; or a trend, at least, with regard to frequency of TV.

There’s no apparent practical value to the text itself, in any given TV. I cannot do anything with text that I cannot read.

I am more inclined to start my day with Bible reading now that TV is on the scene. That’s good, I guess. Not sure why the time of day would matter, and this never happened when I was reading more in the evening.

I have tried several times to make TV happen at will, outside the episodes that I’ve blogged about. Can’t do it. Even after reading actual printed text for an hour or so before bed, TV doesn’t happen.

I am positive that I’m not imagining the TV. That leaves spiritual entities as possible sources.

There’s no indication one way or another that this phenomenon is born of White Hats or Black Hats.

There’s nothing really to do with TV but be aware that it’s there and to carry on as usual. Mary suggested not fretting too much about source and purpose, that those would eventually be revealed, if necessary. So, no fretting and, actually, only mild interest at this point. It’s weird, it’s unexplainable (to us mere mortals), it’s harmless, it’s apparently pointless (presently), and it’s happening everyday now.

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