Two nights before Christmas, I had what I think is properly termed a ‘vision’. That is, God or another spiritual entity projected a view into my mind, independent of my own intention. I had fallen asleep early, around 8pm. I was fasting at the time. Woke up with a bad headache at 10pm. Spent a couple of hours praying and working out song lyrics in my head. Lying in bed in the dark, with my eyes closed, seeing only blackness with my eyes. I was quite awake, very aware of the headache pain and my frustration with the lyric arrangement.

Out of nowhere I ‘saw’ in the blackness, with my eyes closed, a small area of lighted activity in the midst of the black background. The motion took me by surprise and grabbed my attention. The view of that bit of motion grew, as if a camera shutter had fully opened, and I saw the activity with a ‘full screen’ perspective. I was seeing multiple people in wheelchairs coming from different directions, all headed toward the same place. There was (I think) a stairwell in front of me and to the left, coming down into the scene from the upper left. I was seeing the side of it – anything behind the stairwell was obscured from my view. I didn’t see anyone on the stair. There was one or more wheelchair users moving across the scene to my left, to some objective that took them behind the stairwell. Other wheelchair users were coming into the scene from various vantages, and all of them were following those who were moving beyond the stairwell. There was something going on over there, to the left side of the scene, and the wheelchair guys were interested. Enthusiastic. The overall look was that we were in something like a stadium or convention center. I was within ten feet of those people who were moving out of view behind the stairs. Then the scene vanished.

I immediately believed after the vision vanished that it had been placed into my perception by an unseen force. It was the same impression as I’d had with the voice that said to me, “You – Wichita Falls, Portland, Long Island.” Actually, it took months of walking out the process to come to terms with the fact that there had been a voice spoken into my spirit. So I guess it’s more accurate to say that after the wheelchair vision vanished, I was comfortable believing it had been inserted into my spirit, just as I’d come to believe YWFPLI had been likewise.

I lay still in the dark, quietly wondering what it was about. I didn’t recognize anyone in the scene. None of the wheelchair people had acknowledged seeing me. I remembered the Ruth Ward Heflin prophecy about Dallas, taken from one of her books. The web page that I linked to previously is apparently gone. Here’s the only text I can find on the internet right now:

 “One night in Jerusalem, I was carried away in the Spirit and saw the last-day revival. I saw a large platform. It was the deepest platform I had ever seen. I have stood on very broad platforms, but never one so deep. On the platform there were at least a hundred hospital stretchers filled with critically ill people. I knew that they were there because of the miracles that were taking place in the meetings. I saw television cameras and reporters from all of the major networks and knew that they were there recording the great revival. I saw America ablaze with God, and I knew that when the revival had fully been ignited across America, Dallas, Texas would be the center of it.”

It’s relevant or not that a man in a wheelchair was the focal point of my frustration during the LINY trip. At this point there’s nothing to do but either speculate or say, “Hmm…interesting.” I’ll do the latter. And I should probably pray for revelation.

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