Waiting is an Interesting Thing to Do.

A woman in my office told me two weeks ago that she’d had some medical tests to see if she is eligible for an organ transplant. The tests revealed that she had cancer in a different organ. Now, she’s not only not going to have the original organ replaced; she going to have the cancerous organ removed, instead. Her life is already complicated by treatments for the first organ. She will now have additional complications as a result of having the second organ removed. She asked me to keep her in my prayers. I told her I would, and I invited her to attend a church where many healings, including my own, have occurred over the past few years.

A few days later I took the risk of sharing with her a prophetic word I’d been given and that seemed relevant to her situation. Back in the fall of 2012, at the urging of the same guy who suggested I start a blog, I began attending the Holy Spirit equipping classes that I’ve referenced several times in blog posts. The first night I was there, one of the prophetic leaders told me he believed I would be doing ‘creative miracles’. He asked if I knew what that meant, and I told him no. He told me, “Look it up.” I did. Creative miracles are those in which missing or maimed body parts are restored or made whole. As in, amputated limbs grow back, congenital malformations are corrected, that sort of thing. Any of which would be very interesting. Prior and subsequent prophetic words support the notion that something along that line is in my future. For several years I have taken a “wait and see” approach to the whole thing. Now that I can identify a handful of legitimate prophetic dreams I’ve had over the past five months, I’m now taking a “wait and see, with growing expectation” approach.


After my friend told me of her plight, I prayerfully mulled it over for about a week. Somewhere during that week, I remembered the prophecy about creative miracles. I figured that growing back a surgically-removed organ would qualify as a creative miracle. Yesterday, I told my friend about the prophecy. I told her that, even if she has her organ removed in a couple of weeks, I don’t think that’s necessarily the end of it. I told her a little about the dreams, to clarify that God actually does appear to be doing ‘God’ things through me. I assured her that I wasn’t BS-ing her. She said she knew that I wasn’t. It was pretty much your average humdrum office convo in the reception area, except that it involved, effectively, one person telling another to not worry about having an organ removed, because there’s a decent chance God’s going to put a better one in its place. I was remarkably confident while sharing this wildly implausible possibility, and she was quietly receptive to the idea. <- LOOK CLOSELY AT THESE PEOPLE. ARE THEY NUTS, OR IS GOD AT WORK? We’ll know soon enough.


An interesting wrinkle occurred today. I was playing music at a prayer meeting this morning. It’s a weekly meeting that, as of this month, is now dedicated to prayers for healing. A man got up and said God had revealed to him this morning that, soon, it would be common there for miraculous healings to occur. The man described healings that would involve, among other things, limbs growing back and organs being replaced (Yes, it’s true…he mentioned organs by name). He didn’t refer to creative miracles directly (I think), but he certainly described them. I hadn’t ever heard the term ‘creative miracle’ before October 2012. I haven’t heard anyone mention creative miracles by name or function since October of 2012, as best as I can recall. I haven’t given the notion much sustained thought since then, myself. Until this past week, when a person in my life revealed that she will likely soon be fertile ground for such a thing to occur. I described creative miracles to my friend yesterday, telling her that God might be doing them through me soon. And then today, the man declared God told him this morning that creative miracles are going to be commonplace. <- LOOK CLOSELY AT THE SEQUENCE AND TIMELINE. ARE THESE RANDOM COINCIDENCES, OVERLY-ESTEEMED BY A SLOBBERING INSANE PERSON, OR IS GOD AT WORK? <- IS THIS A FALSE DICHOTOMY? We’ll know soon enough.

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