Wichita Falls, Again.

I had a dream during the night 10/31 – 11/01. This dream involved a friend of mine whom I’d not seen in a few years. We had been friends in church, and he had also been a great mentor to me in practical photography. We haven’t seen each other in three years or so, after he moved to a different church and then eventually to a different state.

The dream was remarkable for various reasons, and I believed, after thinking it over, that I should check in with my friend. I emailed him a salutation and affirmation on November 1, without mentioning the dream. He replied with greetings of his own, and  he mentioned that he might be moving back to Texas, to Wichita Falls specifically. Which fact was immediately interesting in it’s own right. We didn’t communicate any further than the one email exchange. However, the dream was never too far from my mind, owing to the unusual nature of it.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, God was able to bless someone when I revealed to them the details of a dream. This prompted me to re-evaluate several dreams from the past year, especially the one that prompted the email to my friend. I decided I would send him the details and explain that it was the dream that motivated me getting in touch with him initially.

I emailed him again:

Hey Friend

I was just checking to see if you’d made the move that you’d mentioned back in November. Hope that situation is settling down for you.

When I got in touch with you, I had just had a dream that involved you. One part of the dream in particular was disturbing. I didn’t mention that in the email I sent you. Since then, I’ve had at least one occasion where a dream I had about someone actually directly reflected a precise situation they were going through. When I told them about the dream, God was able to bring peace to them through the dream imagery. It got me to thinking about several other dreams I’d had in the past year, especially the one I had about you, on the night of Oct 31 –Nov 1, 2013.

I don’t have any idea if this means something to you, but here’s the text from my dream journal:

‘Friend’ told me a story of a man who got lost at White Rock Lake in a cave, where there was a place to jump off, with no apparent bottom. He got lost and never could find his way out of the cave, so he jumped off into the abyss. In my dream the story terrified me. I actually felt the sensation of falling into bottomless darkness. Then I was suddenly at the caves, joking to someone about falling to the center of the earth.

Then Friend and I were in another sort of cave, with soil and grass on the floor. The cave bottom wasn’t flat. You could walk around and feel under your feet where the ground had gotten wet, and people had walked on it, making footprints in the wet soil. The soil had dried, and the dried footprints had made the soil very uneven. I imagined rain coming into the cave, through the top of the cave somehow; and I wondered whether the rain water would smooth out the rough ground.

During the second experience. Friend said something to the effect of, “Did I tell you about when I was in Arizona?”

Anyway, that was the extent of it. The first part in particular was terrifying. I felt myself falling endlessly in darkness, which I’ve never experienced in a dream before. Because you were the person in the dream, telling the story, I wondered if God was telling me to pray for you or to otherwise keep you on my heart. I contacted you via email, and we had that exchange.

Please let me know if I can be praying for you about anything in particular.

Miss you, Brother.

He got back in touch with me, and we talked on the phone. We discussed various ways that the dream imagery was or wasn’t obviously and immediately relevant to him. He told me that the only time he’d been to Arizona was on a business trip a couple of years ago. I told him that I believed the Arizona detail was just God’s way of letting him know that the dream was for him, from God. I personally had no prior knowledge of whether or not he had ever been to Arizona.

My friend confirmed that he does now live in Wichita Falls. I told him of the Triangle and of my plans to visit those three places in the coming months. He told me that the weekend I had the dream was when he and his wife were deciding whether or not to move to Wichita Falls. He told me his guest room would be available whenever I come to visit the city.

That Wichita Falls connection is pretty crazy.


Since July of 2013, I’ve had four dreams that I know of in which I saw evidence of real world circumstances that I had not ever seen while awake. Three of those dreams were direct opportunities to bring peace or other revelation to someone other than myself. The fourth presented me a chance to follow through on a request from God (I think), spoken to me in the person of my pastor’s wife in the dream; and it also gave me a chance to be very surprised to find dream knowledge confirmed upon waking.

This is all important because it shows that God is real; He talks to us, among other modes, via dreams; and He does so oftentimes, maybe mostly, for the benefit of people other than our selves. I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog that many prophetic people have given me powerful and hopeful words over the past few years. There have been times in which the hope and “God awareness” born of those prophecies was the lifeline that sustained me during great trials. I can now say objectively that God is talking to me in ways that I recognize, and He’s using me to bless other people. Given that I hung my hat on hope for such as this for so long, I am a little surprised that I’m not doing back flips for joy and relief. Mostly, I’m just quietly pleased and ready to get down to the business of advancing His Kingdom to the extent possible in my remaining days.

~~~   ~~~

There are those individuals who have a pathological need to control everything and everyone around them. Unfortunately for the rest of us, those types often gravitate towards positions of mass power and influence in government, education, and media. The power structure in Washington, DC, for example,  is now ossified with corruption and a voracious impulse to dominate the small details of people’s lives. Given that wealthy, fed, armed, and educated people are nuisance to the power impulse, all of those attributes in segments of the American middle class are under attack in four dimensions from those who would see those groups impoverished, unarmed, ignorant, and, ultimately, subjugated.

The control freaks among and over us are blinded to truth in their lust for power. They are seemingly unaware that the dominance they so covet can last no longer than the ‘powerful’ ones draw breath in this life. They are tragically distracted from eternity, chasing after the proverbial wind. They cannot see it as such, beholding The Precious as obsessively as they do. We are all made in God’s image. An element of that image is a mortal analog for His capacity for governance. Where He is the perfect ruler, we can only submit our fallen nature, including our imperfect governance, to the Lord, that He might sanctify every part of us. Those people who do not submit themselves in this way can take their broken impulse to rule and become monsters of history. The 20th Century alone saw such monsters in the persons of Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler.

That unchained impulse is running free in the United States, for sure. And praise God for it. As degradation and chaos gather steam over the next couple of years, I expect to see God working powerfully in ways that will flip mortal tyranny on its head. I don’t expect that God is going to save ‘us’ from ‘them’, necessarily; I actually believe some sort of increasingly centralized and anti-Christian global government is now baked in the cake. But in the process of getting from here to there and beyond, there will be infinite opportunities for God to use His people in miraculous ways, to show that there is more to this existence than whatever influence and entertainment we can scratch out of our few years of ‘life’. Oppressed and oppressors alike will see the glory and majesty of Yahweh. God told Paul that “my power is made perfect in weakness.” People who are forced by the millions into a posture of mortal weakness will have ample chance to reflect God’s perfect power to the world around them.

Sign me up.

!!!   !!!

I mentioned in a previous post that there was a decent chance God was prompting me to pray for Satanists in Portland. In that post I boldly declared that Satanists believe in the existence of Yahweh; but they choose to worship a fallen creature, rather than the Creator. Then I actually bothered to read the Wikipedia article about Satanism. Satanism is more complex than I imagined. There appear to be several different ‘denominations’ or philosophies under the umbrella of Satanism.

Notably, none of the descriptions in Wikipedia presented an official position on how any given flavor of Satanism regards Yahweh. So I can’t say with any certainty that Satanist regard Him one way or another. I will go out on a short, thick limb and assume that none regard Him as sovereign Creator, Lord of Heaven and Earth, alone worthy of our praise. So, I’ll keep on praying for Satanists in the Portland. God can handle the details.

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