Hello, Man. Hello, World.

Close to twenty years ago, I met a man once or twice. I saw him no more than three times over a two year period. Our orbits moved farther apart. I haven’t seen him since the late 1990’s. He got cancer some years ago, which news I heard through someone who is still close to the man. Later on, the cancer went into remission. I again overheard this news in a conversation between two people who are friends with him. I didn’t pay much attention to the news. By that time the man had faded to practical anonymity in my mind.

Two years ago, I had a peculiar dream. In the dream I had a supernatural ability to know something about a complete stranger’s health. The stranger was a man I didn’t know, and I could only see his face in my peripheral vision. The dream didn’t reflect any real life ability of mine; in waking state, I’d never before done what Dream Me did. I’d never heard of anyone doing what Dream Me did. I filed the dream away in my growing pile of things that are very interesting but not necessarily relevant.

Sometime in the past five to six months, a friend of mine mentioned in passing that the aforementioned man’s cancer had returned. An interesting twist is that the doctors cannot locate the cancer. I claim zero medical precision when I say that whatever numbers they look at to determine the presence of cancer are going through the roof. There is no question that the man’s cancer has returned. But the doctors cannot find the cells. I paid closer attention to this particular development, because in the past year I’ve gotten very interested in the fact that sometimes miraculous healing occurs when people command it in Jesus’ name. Which phenomenon dovetails with some prophecies spoken over me since 2006 or so. Which prophecies fit nicely in a broader story that I resolved to share in a book or blog.

Anyway, one month ago I was visiting with another man who has cancer. During our conversation, I realized that the stranger in my 2011 dream looked a lot like what I remember the man from the 1990’s to look like. Here’s a modified version of an email that I put together to be forwarded to the man. A mutual friend of ours is going to hand-deliver the printed letter to him today.

Hello, Man.

I am a friend of Our Mutual Friend. You and I possibly met through the church many years ago. I at least saw you a couple of times, enough to have a general idea today of what you looked like. I recently shared some information with Our Mutual Friend (OMF) that he suggested I pass along to you. Approximately two years ago, I dreamed one night of a man who was laying down on something inside a small wooden enclosure. I was in there with him. This enclosure was something like the palisade fence some people put around their AC compressor. A black panther (cat) wandered comfortably into the enclosure where the man and I were. I lay across the man’s torso and ‘knew’ that he had stomach cancer. End of dream.

I didn’t know the man in the dream. I have never had an ability to touch someone and know whether or not they had cancer or any other non-muscular physical malady. I had no interpretation for the presence of the panther. I had never had a dream like that before. Ever since I had the dream, I believed it was somehow significant but not ever immediately relevant.

Completely unrelated or not: at around the same time I had this dream, I spoke in home church one evening and described my opinion about Christians praying for healing in the name of Jesus. “It’s a waste of time. It doesn’t work. If I turn on an oven burner to high heat and place a pot of water on it, 100% of the time, that water will boil. If I pray for someone to be healed of a particular illness, 100% of the time, there will be no healing. OK, maybe two or three times out of a hundred, someone will get healing that may or may not have anything to do with the prayer. The numbers aren’t good. I’d rather ask God to help the sick person and their relatives make wise decisions in the midst of any chaos. That sort of thing.”

Six months later, a friend of mine was diagnosed via MRI with multiple degenerative discs in his spine. He was in pain and was as physically limited as one would expect him to be in that condition. At a prayer service one day, a woman near him got a pain in her back that she’d learned to identify as a sympathy pain that God uses to alert her to a problem. She prayed and asked God if the pain was pointing to someone else. He said yes. She asked for a name, and she heard my colleague’s name in her head. She went to him and asked if he was having back pain. He told her yes, and she prayed for him, addressing the affliction in the name of Jesus, while laying hands on his back. His back was healed in that prayer; he is 100% mobile and pain free, for over eighteen months now.

I have had multiple problem spots in my right shoulder/arm/wrist/hand for two decades. Many injuries. My grip is compromised a lot. I am a musician, and for the better part of the past ten years at least, a large part of my playing energy has been spent trying to not drop my instrument. My grip and wrist speed have been diminished since the early 90s. Characteristic of my right wrist has been a persistent need to pull it out from my arm and to twist it to relieve pressure. There’s a noticeable crunching sound when I do this. I have spent much of the past twenty years in various stages of grief, anger, and resignation about being a lesser musician than I once was. I have complained to God a lot and prayed some desperate requests that He give me my arm back. When my friend’s back got healed, I adopted a more aggressive prayer approach, believing that it was actually possible God would heal my arm.

Six months after God healed my friend’s back, I was at an evening church class. A guy stood up and told the room, “Someone in here has a problem with their right wrist. The best way I can describe it is that it’s gristly.” I knew that he had to be talking to about me. I went up for prayer. It was actually a second guy that prayed for me. While this second guy was praying for me, he placed his hands in the middle of my shoulders. I prayed that God would heal my arm. Somewhere in the event, a wave of energy went down the length of my arm to my fingertips. It felt like my arm had been laid out on the glass of a copy machine, and the light scanned my arm down that direction. I was stunned, as I hadn’t known what, if anything, to expect. Short version of the story is that my arm has been healed to the extent that I can now play my instrument without worrying that I might drop it. My arm isn’t 100%, but it’s remarkably better. I have no doubt that God touched me and relieved some of the discomfort and frustration that had bothered me for years.

John G. Lake was a minister back in the early 20th Century. I recently read a collection of his sermons. He describes a season of time in which he could place his hands on someone; know that they had some affliction, like cancer; and know where in their body the cancer was located. I cannot vouch for the authenticity or integrity of John Lake’s claims; but the way he described that ability was remarkably reminiscent of what I experienced in my dream.

Sometime in the past six months OMF told me that you had cancer and that imaging had been unable to reveal it. Three weeks ago I was visiting a man who has widespread skin cancer. During the conversation about the onset of his symptoms, I had the sudden impression that the guy in my 2011 dream actually looked a lot like what I remembered you looking. I emailed OMF and related the dream, including a description of the dream man. OMF advised that the guy fit your description well enough to make things interesting.

This is all a long-winded way of saying that I think there’s a greater than zero chance you have cancer in your stomach. As I have learned since 2011, a supernatural knowledge of someone’s physical problem often precedes successful healing prayer. So I suggest that I should pray for you, if you are so inclined. Laying on of hands, maybe even laying across your torso, all that. You can read the information above and decide whether you think it’s worth the time and potential ridiculousness. If we pray and you are not healed, we have done no harm but to step out in good faith. If you are healed, then we can all be that much more joyfully convinced that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the real deal and that He’s invested in our lives today.

By way of summary: at the time I had the dream, I didn’t believe in healing prayer. I had no idea it was possible for someone to get a supernatural understanding of someone else’s physical problem at all, much less then to successfully pray for healing of the problem. And I’d never heard of John Lake or anyone else that claimed to be able to touch someone and know where and how they were afflicted. I had never experienced undeniable and dramatic divine intervention for immediate personal healing.

So from my perspective, the dream was remarkably prophetic, in a future-oriented sense. The Dream Me was doing something that Real Life Me could only appreciate after living for more than another full year. When I realized that the Dream Guy might look like you, and OMF confirmed this; and Dream Guy who looks like you has stomach cancer, while you suffer cancer of an unknown location…it’s too much to ignore, even given my naturally skeptical nature.

Incidentally, I’m interested to know if the dream panther has any significance for you. The presence of the cat meant nothing to me. If the dream guy is you, and you have stomach cancer or some other cancer that we are able to get rid of, then there’s a decent chance the cat is significant for you. It’s the kind of detail I’ve learned that God throws into dreams and other messages for the benefit of the intended recipient, as a means of legitimizing the process for them.

I’ll wait to hear from OMF what you decide.

OMF will be delivering the letter to Hello Man right about now. Let us see what happens next.

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